Dong Ba Streets

2008 - 2011


During October 2008 I drew a selection of streets and alleyways in an area of North East Beijing called 'Dong Ba'. These drawings were made over a period of three weeks using a panoramic drawing device. This fascinating experience was a wonderful opportunity to observe life in an area of Beijing which has remained largely untouched by China's relentless march towards modernity. Whilst making the drawings I received many invites into peoples houses, I was asked to draw portraits of wives, girlfriends and babies, given gifts and offered endless cups of tea. It is amazing how long a conversation can last between two people with no shared language. Alongside presenting a social and architectural record these drawings hold similarities with the 'Google Earth' project which currently does not extend to China. Since returning to the U.K I've added watercolour to the drawings resulting in the images below. Please select each image to be taken to an amiation of the street.