Pigeon Street



Pigeons have been used to connect people for centuries; enabling civilisations communicate and empires to grow.

I used images of pigeons in an attempt to connect myself to randomly selected people over a summer in London.

100 small drawings of pigeons were produced and displayed on the street. Each drawing had a message on the reverse asking
whoever found it to contact me. The drawings were placed 500 meters apart across central London in the shape of a pigeon
which had been drawn onto a map.
I hoped to connect myself to people who replied through six degrees of separation. Unfortunately
the only reply I recieved was from a mildly irate individual who wanted to know why they found one of the images attached to their gate.

Trying to attract the attention of passers by with a small white piece of paper is very hard. In a rural environment the results would probably be
different but in London most people are rushing around lost in their own thoughts. I plan to carry out the artwork again in the countryside.