The Portable Pantoscope 2007    

A Pantoscope was a pre cinema entertainment device enabling a theatre audience to watch a continuous panoramic painting scroll by on tremendous rollers. For hours audiences would watch as scenes unfolded before their eyes.

One of the most famous pantoscopic paintings was John Banvard's depiction of a journey down the Mississippi that he claimed - probably with some showman's exaggeration - was "painted on 3 miles of canvas".

I created a portable version of this public entertainment device that uses a ten-meter scroll of cartridge paper measuring 28cm in diameter. Like handmade videotape, the paper scroll is wound from spool to spool and a drawing is created on each visible section as it passes by. This device enables a continuous image to be produced.

When the drawing is complete, watercolour is added from memory and documentation photographs.
The finished scroll is then recorded rolling passed a digital video camera. The animation can then be viewed as if riding the journey, continuing the tradition of an informative, entertaining public travelling artwork.